Allen Community College

St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church in Iola works to feed student athletes when the cafeteria is closed but they are required to be on campus for practice or competition. We feed them two meals a day. We do this before the school year starts, Christmas vacation, spring break. Teams involved in this program are the volleyball team, track, soccer, basketball, baseball, and softball.

The college helps with the cost and we do fundraisers. Parishioners help with serving food and make cookies and cakes for the desserts.

Contact: Deacon Oliver Bunker, 620-433-2063,

History/About: St Timothy’s – Iola has long had a passion for feeding the community.  It was only natural that our entry into campus ministry came by way of food. In addition to our monthly community dinners, the food pantry, and feeding a few fall sports teams which were practicing prior to the opening of the cafeteria at the start of the academic year. In January 2013 they learned the men’s basketball team, practicing during winter break, didn’t have access to the cafeteria. Their budget was far too limited to eat out three meals a day so the 31 members of our church set to work.

They organized 40 home cooked meals for 50 people over 20 days. The student athletes ate in their parish hall, and they sent take-out containers with leftovers back after dinner. Relationships were formed, free tickets to games were offered and students helped with clean up each evening and joined us for a week’s commitment in our “BackSnacks” project for elementary students, a program that provides a weekend’s worth of healthy snacks in backpacks to at-risk elementary students. The student athletes were quick to say thank you and offer hugs.