Campus Intern Application

If you are passionate about deepening your own faith and taking a key leadership role in cultivating the faith of peer ministers and students on campus, we invite you to consider becoming a Campus Intern and staff member of the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas.

Beyond the ministry opportunity to share your formation, leadership, and pastoral skills at one of our two Canterbury Houses in the diocese as you work with local Peer Ministers, this internship also offers the participant the space to explore more deeply their own vocational discernment.

The intern application for Fall 2018 will be posted here soon!

Interns Reflect on the Experience of Serving and Discerning

“Interning at the Canterbury House was such a great experience, and taught me so much. I came to the position from outside the Episcopal Church, having been part of the Canterbury program as a student. Over the next two years I learned more than I ever thought I would about the liturgy and beliefs of the church, which has had a powerful and lasting effect on my spiritual formation.  The internship also allowed me to gain valuable leadership skills and forge real and meaningful relationships with the students I helped serve–I live in Prague right now, and just hosted a peer minister from K-State who came to stay for a weekend! Interning at Canterbury is a valuable, fun and unique experience. I’m so glad I did it!” ~ Abby Olcese, KU Campus Intern 2011-2013

“Although my previous experience as a peer minister definitely helped prepare me for the work I did, I never expected to learn and grow as much as I have during my year in this internship.  I think the most valuable skills I gained were in learning how to lead and support the student peer ministers … I developed rich relationships with the peer ministers that Howard, Carolinegreatly impacted the ministry.  Through the experience of daily life together, I became very familiar with each of their personalities, passions, and challenges.  I knew who I could count on to ask good, prompting questions at a Bible study, who would be happy welcoming people into the house and introducing them to others, who would be comfortable leading a worship service, etc.”
~  Caroline Howard, KU Peer Minister 2008 to 2012, KU Campus Intern 2013-2014

“I arrived having just graduated from college with only a rough idea of what I wanted to do next.  I took the position because it would help me stay connected with college students, which was the one thing I knew I wanted.  After I had established a rhythm of going to church and meeting with my peers a couple of times a week to discuss faith, I realized that I really Mather, Taylorhad missed that over the past couple of years. I was able to grow in my faith within a community of people who soon became my friends, something I realize now would have been incredibly difficult to do on my own.  Through a discernment process, I gained clarity in what my future had in store as I began to really listen to what I was called to do.  Two years later, on the other side of this internship I’m incredibly thankful for the role that faith, church, and a supportive community have played in my life.” ~ Taylor Mather, KSU Campus Intern 2012-2014


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