Campus & Youth Ministry Council

The Campus & Youth Ministry Council (CYMC) is evolving from what was the Bishop’s Higher Education Committee (a smaller group) with the aim of even more effectively representing the interests of the entire variety of our diocesan-wide campus and youth ministries in helping develop, coordinate, and support/sustain them all. The diocesan bishop appoints a chairperson for the CYMC as well as invites a liaison from the diocesan Council of Trustees to work with the CYMC and collaborate with the Campus Missioner in advising the bishop regarding campus ministry matters.

Membership on the Campus & Youth Ministry Council is determined by the diocesan convocations. A visual-aid to help understand the relationship of the CYMC with campus and youth ministry stakeholders and other diocesan groups can be downloaded from a link at the bottom of this page. If you are interested in being involved, please speak with the President or Dean of your local convocation or contact one of the CYMC members listed below:

  • Karen Schlabach, Youth Missioner & Interim Campus Missioner
  • Michael Funston, Associate for Youth & Campus Ministry
  • Will Chaney, Campus Ministry Program Assistant
  • Rachel Jackson, Campus Ministry Program Assistant
  • Scott Howard (SE), COT liaison
  • Art Rathbun (NW)
  • Betsy Barrett (NW)
  • Caroline Day (SE)
  • Donna Griffin (NE)
  • Foster Mays (SE)
  • Jeff Roper (SW)
  • Kitty Fapp (NW)
  • Martha Stone (SE)
  • Oliver Bunker (SE)
  • Beckie Avery (SW)
  • Amy Ekerberg (SW)
  • Kelly Demo (NE)
  • Beth Lee (NE)
  • Andi Wade (NE), Student Representative
  • Torey Lightcap ex-officio




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