The Canterbury House of Lawrence

The St. Anselm’s Canterbury House of Lawrence was established in its current form in the fall of 2006. It provides a safe place where students can come together and explore their life of faith as shown to them through the life of Jesus Christ as they ask critical questions and experience the love of Christ through others and thereby find their spirituality deepened.

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2018-04-24 18.45.22 HDRThe house holds up to four student peer ministers (students selected for their desire to lead ministry in the wider Lawrence community while deepening their own faith) and one Program Assistant at a time with any number of out-of-house peer ministers who, with the guidance of the campus missioner, carry out the daily work of the ministry.

The main ministry at the KU Canterbury House is our Tuesday Night Dinner program. Peer ministers invite the student community to the house for dinner, a brief program, and prayer. The dinner is either prepared by the peer ministers and Program Assistant or donated by a supporting parishioner from one of the local Episcopal churches. The programs offered could be anything from traditional Bible study, to guided meditation, to guest speakers on special topics.

Canterbury House
1116 Louisiana St.
Lawrence, KS 66044


  • Tuesday, 6-7:15 pm, Canterbury House, dinner, program, and prayer
  • Blessings-On-The-Go, Wescoe Beach, Tuesday & Wednesday, 11:30-1
  • Thursday, 8:45 pm, Tea and Compline at the Canterbury House or via Facebook live:

Contact: Will Chaney, campus ministry program assistant, 205-913-1189,

2019-2020 Peer Ministers

  • Ben Ali
  • Alex Baldwin
  • Jonah Brandley (residential)
  • Laurie Bush

Bishop’s Advisory Committee
The Canterbury House is governed by a Bishop’s Advisory Committee. This group of volunteers from area parishes oversees the budget and policy decisions for the house and functions similar to a vestry of a parish. Current members of the BAC are:

  • Karen Schlabach, President, Campus Missioner
  • Deacon Rob Schwaller, Vice President (Trinity, Lawrence)
  • Donna Griffin, clerk (Trinity, Lawrence)
  • Alex Baldwin, Student representative (Trinity, Lawrence)
  • John Broholm, faculty advisor (Trinity, Lawrence)
  • Will Chaney, Program Assistant
  • Jennifer Attocknie (Trinity, Lawrence)
  • Carrie Cornelius (Trinity, Lawrence)
  • Antha Cotton-Spreckelmeyer (Trinity, Lawrence)
  • Mary Donovan (Trinity, Lawrence)
  • David Griffin (Trinity, Lawrence)
  • Chris Minor

If you are interested in serving on the BAC for the Canterbury House of Lawrence, please contact the Interim Campus Missioner, Karen Schlabach, at or 913-708-5927, who also serves as President of this group.


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