Peer Minister Application

If you are passionate about deepening your own faith and taking a leadership role in cultivating the faith of students on campus, we invite you to consider becoming a Peer Minister in the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas.

A more detailed overview of the program is found in the application below.  Highlighting qualifications include the following:

– agree to work in the tradition of Christianity as the Episcopal Church has received and practiced it
– be currently enrolled full-time students in good standing
– have demonstrated prior leadership experience, preferably with a form of peer ministry
– be able to articulate their evolving Christian faith and reasons for commitment to Episcopal campus ministry


Applications are now open and are due on February 15, 2015.

Peer Minister Application

Renewal applications are due on January 15, 2016.

Peer Minister Renewal Application

If you have further questions about this opportunity please contact the KU Campus Intern Ryan Zavacky ( or the KSU Campus Intern Ashley Petty (

Current and Past Peer Ministers Reflecting on their Experience 

Naomi Cunningham“One of the reasons I chose K-State was the Canterbury House. I was drawn in by the idea of living in community and sharing my experience with anyone who walked through our doors. Three years later, I am studying abroad in France I can’t express how much I miss the community we built and built upon. The peer ministers, the intern, the missioner, and everyone who walked through our doors became my home away from home (and not just because I lived there). They became my family. I believe this is the most important part of our ministry: building relationships. We want to encourage, begin, and grow faith-based connections that make people feel at home, to make them feel like family. And I can’t wait to come home to my ‘family!’ ”
(Naomi Cunningham, K-State Peer Minister 2011-15)

pic2“ …  I found out about ‘Peer Ministry’ at the first youth event I attended (it happened to be MIQRA), and I felt compelled to explore it further, in the hopes of spreading the Episcopal Church’s message of love and social justice to others, just as the Church had offered them to me. I am now midway through my second year as a Peer Minister, and I cannot be more thankful for the gifts it has given me, and the gifts it has allowed for me to give to others. It has equipped me with the tools I need to struggle with my own faith, as all of us do. It has facilitated and honed my ability to reach out to the community to serve others, as Christ has set an example for us all to do. Finally, it has provided me with a loving community of other peer ministers, students, laypersons and clergy that make the sometimes difficult life of a college student not only bearable, but exciting and rewarding. I look forward to several more years of further exploration of these gifts as a Peer Minister, and the opportunities it will provide for not only my own spiritual and earthly journey, but for other persons’ journeys as well.”
(John Olson, KU Peer Minister 2013-15)

Austin Staple“It has been almost two years since I decided to become involved in campus ministry at my parish, St. Peter’s in Pittsburg, KS. When I entered the church about three years ago, I was so impressed with the hospitality that I received from not only our Choir Director, and Rector, but from each and every person in the congregation. Everyone at St. Peter’s was so eager to help me through my spiritual growth and relationship with God, and they continue to do so even today. After I realized that I was at “home” at St. Peter’s and with the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas, I knew I wanted to do more to make others feel the generous hospitality my parish shared with me. Overall, ministering to others’ needs and helping them find or solidify a relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ is what defines my becoming a Peer Minister. As the only Peer Minister in the Southeast Convocation, it is my goal to continue following the all-inclusive and loving ministry of Jesus Christ and help any of my peers follow that same ministry.”
(Austin Stapleton, Pitt State Peer Minister 2013-15)


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