Peer Ministry

PEER MINISTERS are currently-enrolled college and university students who have been specially selected and trained in the following four focus areas:  Faith Formation, Christian Community, Discernment, and Leadership Development . You don’t need to be a Peer Minister to get involved and participate in our campus ministry programs – all are welcome! However, if you’re a full-time student, have demonstrated ministry leadership experience and seek more of it, and you’re passionate about deepening your own spiritual journey and serving others by sharing the love of Christ with those you meet, Peer Ministry might be right for you.

Retreat 2015As a Peer Minister, you work collaboratively with parish leaders as well as our Campus Missioner and Interns to design and lead program opportunities that highlight  faith formation, Christian community,  discernment, and leadership development in your campus community. At K-State and KU, there is the opportunity to live in-residence at one of our Canterbury Houses.

If you’re interested in discerning further about serving as a Peer Minister, begin by speaking with the Peer Ministers on your campus. If there are no Peer Ministers currently serving on your campus, contact our Campus Missioner directly. Applications are opened in February for the following fall semester and in November for the spring semester.


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