St Peter’s & Pitt State – Pittsburg

Chorister Program: St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Pittsburg, KS, campus ministry efforts focus on Pittsburg State University’s Music Department, providing small stipends to students who rehearse and sing with the St. Peter’s Choir.

Contact: Scott Howard, 417-437-8810,

PSU choristers and musicians play during communion at St. Peter's, Pittsburg.

PSU choristers and musicians
during communion at St. Peter’s

About: PSU students who participate as choristers rehearse with the St. Peter’s choir twice weekly during the academic year and sing with the choir every Sunday and for other special services. The St. Peter’s/PSU chorister program continues to provide opportunities for PSU students to become involved in the life of our parish and has led to an expansion of our overall connection to PSU through music. St. Peter’s has hosted voice, piano, violin, cello, and brass recitals both for PSU students participate in our chorister program and for others who do not. In addition, through the relationships we have developed with the PSU Music Department, St. Peter’s has become a regular venue for community concerts provided by the University Choirs and by other musicians sponsored by PSU. These concerts have brought many community members into our worship space who otherwise might never have visited.




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