St Peter’s & Pitt State – Pittsburg

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Pittsburg, KS began its campus ministry efforts focused on Pittsburg State University’s Music Department, providing five scholarships to students who shared their gifts in St. Peter’s choir.  Out of this ministry evolved Open Arms – a ministry of the Episcopal Church – at PSU.  It is the newest establishment of Episcopal Campus Ministry in the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas. Since its recognition as an official campus organization in 2012, Open Arms continues to reassess outreach goals and possibilities among students, faculty and staff at PSU.

PSU choristers and musicians
during communion at St. Peter’s

PSU choristers and musicians play during communion at St. Peter's, Pittsburg.Most recently, the group has reorganized and strategized a plan to strengthen existing ties to the University’s Music Department and to provide new opportunities for PSU students to join in social, study, worship, and outreach activities.


Although small, Open Arms is vibrant and hopeful for increased participation and success for the future of not only its own ministry, but other ministry efforts across the diocese such as its sister Canterbury programs at Kansas State University, University of Kansas, Emporia State University, and Wichita Area Episcopal Campus Ministries.

Members of St. Peter’s supporting Canterbury Club at the PSU Community Fair


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