St. John’s – Parsons

Five years ago St. John’s became involved in college ministry with Labette Community College (LCC). Searching for something they could provide for the students that would enable them to engage the students on a one-to-one basis.  Knowing the LCC dorms had no readily available laundry facilities for students to use, the idea of providing a Laundry&Latteweekly space and help for students to do their laundry emerged.  In addition to helping the students do laundry, St. John’s added the extra feature of a latté machine.  Laundry and Latté was born.

Over the last five years St. John’s Laundry and Latté, has added personal touches of love and care along the way.  Laundry&Latte2014-2In addition to always knowing those who offer this little bit of love and care are members of St. John’s Episcopal Church, students receive birthday cards that also offer one extra load of laundry at a time of their choosing.  Bags of schools supplies have accompanied the first loads of laundry in mid-August along with a cookout at the end of the spring semester.

Through conversation, St. John’s learned students who need to stay at LCC over Thanksgiving break didn’t have a Thanksgiving Day dinner.  Now St. John’s hosts a Thanksgiving Day dinner for the students and their coaches. The dinner has grown to include any college student unable to go home for the holiday, residents of the fixed income apartments behind the church, the local youth crisis shelter, and our own parish members.


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