Suggested Reading List

  • Being Disciples Rowan Williams
  • Call on Me: A Prayer Book for Young People Jenifer Gamber & Sharon Ely Pearson
  • Conflict without Casualties: A field guide for leading with compassionate accountability Nate Regier
  • Contemplative Youth Ministry: Practicing the Presence of Jesus Mark Yaconelli
  • Crazy Christians: A Call to Follow Jesus Michael Curry
  • Doubleday Pocket Bible Guide Linda Grenz
  • Find Your Way Home: Words from the Streets, Wisdom from the Heart by the Women of Magdalene with Becca Stevens
  • God of My Heart: A Prayer Book for Youth C W. Ruhlman & S. F. Kelly
  • Growing Young: 6 Essential Strategies to help young people discover and love your church Powell, Mulder & Griffin
  • Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers Anne Lamott
  • Let Your Life Speak Parker Palmer
  • Life Together Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  • Listening Hearts: Discerning Call in Community Farnham, Gill, McLean & Ward
  • Love Does Bob Goff
  • Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time Marcus Borg
  • Permission Granted Jennifer Bird
  • Radical Welcome Stephanie Spellers
  • Reading the Bible Again for the First Time Marcus Borg
  • Scripture as Spirituality Richard Rohr
  • Strengths Finder 2.0 Tom Rath
  • The Bush was Blazing But was not Consumed Eric Law
  • Together by Grace Kathryn Kleinhans
  • What is the Bible? How an ancient library of poems, letters, and stories can transform the way you think and feel about everything by Rob Bell
  • Your Faith, Your Life Jenifer Gamber with Bill Lewellis

Church’s Teachings for a Changing World Series

  1. The Episcopal Way Eric H.F. Law & Stephanie Spellers
  2. The Episcopal Story: Birth and Rebirth Thomas C. Ferguson
  3. A Faith for the Future Jesse Zink
  4. Church Meets World Winnie Varghese
  5. Formed by Love Scott Bader-Saye
  6. Following the Way of Jesus Michael B. Curry
  7. A Word to Live By Lauren F. Winner
  8. Gathered for God Jeffrey Lee & Dent Davidson
  9. Companions on the Episcopal Way Stephanie Spellers & Eric H.F. Law

Many of these authors have YouTube interviews or TED talks that are also worth the investment of time to explore.


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