Suggested Reading List

books copyPeer Ministers read two books together throughout the academic year as a part of their ongoing formation and training, and they are highly encouraged to read at least one book during the summer break along with exploring TED Talks and YouTube interviews with various theologians and thinkers.  The following list, which will continue to grow and evolve much like our understanding of God and our ministry together, offers suggestions in each of the four areas guiding our ministry together.

Marcus Borg – Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time
Borg and Crossan – The Last Week
Borg and Crossan – First Paul
Joseph Campbell – Power of Myth
Verna Dozier – Dream of God
Roger Ferlo – Opening the Bible*
James Griffiss – Anglican Vision*
Margaret Guenther – The Practice of Prayer*
Urban Holmes – What is Anglicanism?
Richard Horsely – Jesus and Empire
Michael Johnston – Engaging the Word*
Rebecca Lyman – Early Christian Traditions*
Mark McIntosh – Mysteries of Faith*
Marilyn Micks – Introduction to Theology
Richard Rohr – Scripture as Spirituality
Paul Tillich – Dynamics of Faith
Fredrica Harris Thompsett – Living with History*

D Bonhoeffer – Life Together
Stephen Holmgren – Ethics After Easter*
Jeffery Lee – Opening the Prayerbook*
Stephanie Spellers – Radical Welcome
Titus Presler – Horizons of Mission*
Louis Weil – A Theology of Worship*

Joan Chittister – Scared by Struggle, Transformed by Hope
Parker Palmer – A Hidden Wholeness and The Journey Toward an Undivided Life
Sue Monk Kidd: When the Heart Waits
M Scott Peck – Road Less Traveled

Steven Charleston – Good News: A Scriptural Path to Reconciliation
Speed Leas – Discover Your Conflict Management Style
Harold T Lewis – Christian Social Witness*

Fredrick Buechner – Listening to Your Life
Steven Charleston – Hope as Old As Fire
Mary Oliver – Thirst (and other poetry of Mary Oliver)

The titles with * are from the Church’s teaching series.

Many of these authors have YouTube interviews or TED talks that are also worth the investment of time to explore


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