Supporters Network

Our network of supporters is a diverse group of people from all generations and locations who believe in the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas mission for Campus Ministry,

“With God’s help, we aspire to anchor college students across the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas in a life of faith as shown to us through the life of Jesus Christ, where their spirituality is deepened and shared, as they seek to contribute to God’s dream of a reconciled world, both now and in the years to come.”

If you have been, are, and/or want to continue to be involved with our ministries, please sign-up to be a member of our Campus Ministry Support Network.

Signing-up up as a member of the Campus Ministry Support Network provides you with opportunities to:

  • stay informed of what’s happening with our programs throughout the diocese through our quarterly electronic “Campus Ministry Connections” newsletter
  • serve as a possible resource to current college/university community members seeking mentorship, advice, etc.
  • provide perspective and feedback to the Campus Ministry Council and
  • support specific projects and programs as you can with your time, talent, and treasure

Thank you for staying informed and being involved! 


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